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Gen.era: Digital Genomic Alliance To Explore New Market For Acceleration

GIP Genopole

Geno (Genopole, France) is a not for profit organisation, founded in 1998.

The Genopole site in Évry host Genethon, the national sequencing center, the national genotyping center. It is the oldest and largest biocluster in France, that attracts and networks from new raising biotech stars (start-ups) to dynamic established SMEs/companies, as well as a number of public research laboratories and higher education stakeholders. Today, by offering the environment and infrastructures for bio- entrepreneurs, Genopole aims to enable the emergence of innovations that will improve growth, health economy, citizens’ health and environment. Genopole has recently reengineered and re-energized its bio-entrepreneurship programme, as a driver for the translation of ideas into success stories, setting up intensive training, coaching and mentoring, including assistance in developing a business model and writing a strong business plan, in accelerating business development …

Genopole at a glance represents a mature and fertile cluster organisation with more than 2,600 staff members which are employed on-site by the 96 companies, 16 public research labs, and 29 cutting-edge shared- access technology platforms and facilities for R&D located on site. Genopole has raised its visibility and activities at the European level by joining dynamic networks such as CEBR (Council of European BioRegions), ECCP (European Cluster Collaboration Platform), EBN (European Business Network) and EIT Health (Knowledge and Innovation Community established by the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT)) in order to increase opportunities of partnerships, business connections, European projects, site visits, experience sharing etc…Genopole is also internationally minded. it has been established different cooperation agreements with foreign bioclusters and R&D parks (Neomed Institute (Quebec), Genome Quebec, Wuhan’s Biolake biocluster (China), etc …as well as in engaging in international activities. Genopole received the AURP Award of Excellence for Outstanding Research Park in Oct 2018. This prize recognizes clusters which have made a significant contribution to the region by supporting a robust environment for innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization activities.

Genopole brings to the GEN.ERA project is 20 years knowledge and expertise in biotherapies, genomics and entrepreneurship, a biotech ecosystem with innovative biotech start-ups and companies, research laboratories and technology platforms and a dynamic cluster life with scientific and industrial events and networking activities with international and European bioclusters.

On the 21th of November, Genopole will organize a global event on digital genomic entitled: “Computational Genomics: Interpret and Act.”

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