This project was funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme under agreement No 951197.

Gen.era: Digital Genomic Alliance To Explore New Market For Acceleration

GEN.ERA deliverables

Deliverable NumberDeliverable TitleLeadType
D2.1 Single template model for genomic profile identification GENOPOLEReportAvailable
D2.3Genomic value chain trend report GENOPOLEReportAvailable
D2.6Marketing flyer on the genomic industry of the GEN.ERA meta-clusterGENOPOLEReportAvailable
D2.7B2B meetings GENOPOLEReportAvailable
D2.8GEN.ERA partnership agreement GENOPOLEReportAvailable

Deliverable NumberDeliverable TitleLeadType
Benchmark reports on the 8 short-listed marketsTARTU BT PARKReportAvailable
D3.2First selection reportTARTU BT PARKReportTo Complete
D3.3Report on market accessibilityTARTU BT PARKReportTo Complete
D3.5Final selection reportTARTU BT PARKReportTo Complete
D3.6SMART Objective reportTARTU BT PARKReportTo Complete
D3.7Selected countries public presentationTARTU BT PARKOtherTo Complete

D4.1Call for tender for selecting trusted market experts, able to organise webinar sessionsTSCPOtherAvailable
D4.23 online webinar sessions related to identified target marketsTSCPWebsites, patents filling, etc.To complete
D4.2.1Webinar on the SINGAPORE market
D4.2.2Webinar on the Japanese market
D4.2.3Webinar on the US market
D4.3Final report on the 3 online focus groupsTSCPReportTo complete
D4.4Report of the strategic partnership databaseTSCPReportTo complete
D4.5Finalisation of the GEN.ERA internationalisation strategic Plan TSCPReportTo complete
D4.6Selected countries public presentationTSCPReportTo complete

D5.2Communication tool-kitCBIOSReportAvailable
D5.3Joint Dissemination PlanCBIOSReportAvailable
D5.4Planning for local eventsCBIOSOtherAvailable
D5.6Organisation of the final eventCBIOSOtherAvailable
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