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Gen.era: Digital Genomic Alliance To Explore New Market For Acceleration

GEN.ERA “Market Intelligence & Matchmaking” Event – Paris, October 21

GEN.ERA “Market Intelligence & Matchmaking” Event – Paris, October 21

We’re glad to announce that the first GEN.ERA Market Intelligence & matchmaking event has taken place in Paris, France on October 21st. The international gathering provided our delegates with an outlook on the vast opportunities related to the genomics space, among the highest growth potential markets, whilst shaping a landscape on the current and future European scenario, and allowing attendees to run one-to-one meetings aiming at fostering potential partnerships.

Over the first event segment, project partners and associated partners, together with TRENTINO SVILUPPO and HUB INNOVATION TRENTINO which joined in presence, had the chance to present themselves and their initiatives, followed by the “EMERGING MARKET PRESENTATION”  session, curated by Parthvee Jain (InnovatioCuris), who provided an overview and a comparative analysis of the reference markets in the genomics context.
We continued our deep five into genomics by hosting another session, titled “Connecting the dots for a global genomics market”, with the aim of running a thorough analysis of the market supported by global experts  discussing respective countries’ peculiarities and sharing key insights on market access and the barriers related to regulatory processes, and cultural and linguistic aspects.

Moreover, the afternoon session hosted the matching event, involving around fifty European genomics companies in business-oriented one-to-one meetings.

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