This project was funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme under agreement No 951197.

Gen.era: Digital Genomic Alliance To Explore New Market For Acceleration

Unleashing Europe’s genomic potential

GEN.ERA will unlock the potential of highly innovative companies by building a European value chain with complementary products and services.

MEs which can plan to enter global value chains in the life sciences sector and more particularly in the genomics sector need to act internationally from the very beginning and they are of risk to fail unless they are not competitive enough.

In order to compete globally in genomics industry, SMEs need long term strategies based on sectoral know-how and the ability to understand and exploit market opportunities. SMEs usually do not possess these strategic capabilities and therefore they need the support of the clusters and their services.

Forming a European strategic partnership can support SMEs by providing services for fostering cross-border and co-creation as well as advice on trends and markets opportunities.

Moreover, it can offer a vision that could lead cluster members to a worldwide success and an implementation plan to reach the goals.

Are you an SME in the sector?

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